Having a Purpose Driven Website

Having a purpose driven website is very important to making sure that you are spending your money wisely. Hosting a website that talks about your cat may be important, but is it something that the public would want to see and hear?

What Makes A Great Website? Define Its Purpose

“If you build it, he will come.” That is a popular line from the classic 1989 movie “Field of Dreams.” That line worked for the lead character on pursuing his dream. Many young entrepreneurs have this mindset when it comes to having an online presence. Unfortunately, such advice does not work for a startup.

Many entrepreneurs have the idea of starting a website with no purpose in mind. They just want to have a website for the sake having one because every company has a website. But such action is like launching a startup without a business plan.

Assuming you have a website, what will it accomplish?

Most entrepreneurs plan the future of their business and would never launch a startup without a business plan. The same concept applies when you build a website. A great website starts off by defining your purpose first.

The first step in building a great website is to define its purpose. A website is not just a place you can call home on the internet. A website with purpose can have a significant impact on your business. What is the objective of the site? Is it done for the purpose of providing information and educate, sell products or services, boost your company’s profile, establish community or something else?

A purpose-driven website can help reach your goal. Your first web impression counts. It is important to address the following questions:

  •       When someone comes to your website, what do they experience?
  •       Can they find the needed information?
  •       Are they reaching to your intended goal?
  •       Do you know what pages they go or buttons they clicked?
  •       Do they see your contact details?
  •       Is your website properly optimized for search engines?
  •       Is your website properly configured for performance tracking and analytics?

A website with purpose offers you with the right answers to these questions. It also helps you see if your website is working for you and helping you reach your goals.

Develop a plan to further your website’s purpose. There are other areas that need to be addressed to find out how it will work and what end it serves. It is important to consider your target audience, web design, navigation, audio visual elements, e-commerce (if necessary), SEO requirements, hosting and maintenance, budget, planning schedule of deadlines and launch date and management structure.

Addressing all these areas of your future website will help guide you in building a website that really works. Whether you have the skills and resources or getting the services of a website developer, your purpose, and plans of building a website will help you to manage your project more effectively and secure the website works in reaching your vision.

What is the best way to build a great website?

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